Are there any other colors?

We choose the most reflective and durable UPF canvas color for the Hydra Shade umbrella.

Would Hydra Shade make a great gift?

Hydra Shade has been voted one of the best gifts for this 2012 holiday season and it makes a wonderful birthday gift for any boater or beach goer.

How do I prevent the umbrella from flying away?

With the innovative expanding umbrella base you simply insert it into a cylinder or rod holder alike and twist to secure it in place. This will prevent the umbrella from lifting from wind gusts. Remember the Hydra Shade is NOT intended for use while under way. Driving your boat with a Hydra Shade open and attached may void your warranty.

What are Hydra Shade products made of?

Hydra Shade is made of Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Fiberglass. These key materials are rust free marine quality components.

Where is Hydra Shade headquartered?

We are located in South Florida, the boating capital of the world!

Will Hydra Shade breakdown from exposure to sunlight?

No, the reflective nylon material is fade resistant and can withstand thousands of hours of direct sunlight and its harmful UV rays.

Does Hydra Shade offer replacement parts?

Absolutely! Every section of the Hydra Shade umbrella is available online for purchase.

Are there accessories available for my Hydra Shade?

Yes, depending on how you want to utilize your Hydra Shade we offer a variety of Cylinder Mounts & Rod Holders.

Where can I purchase a Hydra Shade in person?

See our Where to buy link on the top of our site for the nearest Marine Store, or the next marine boat show or marine market. If there is not a local source in your area, you can purchase online.